The Hollywood Reporter Names Scott Brothers Entertainment and Drew and Jonathan Scott 30-ish Most Powerful Producers in Unscripted TV

By Mickey O’Connell
November 11, 2022

Examples of unscripted programming’s dominance abound…

…When revisiting its rundown of the most powerful players in the arena for the first time in seven years, THR (The Hollywood Reporter) looked to the ones truly wielding that power: the producers who know how to deliver both quality and quantity in a market where there aren’t enough suppliers to keep up with the demand.

#27 Drew and Jonathan Scott, Scott Brothers Entertainment

Signing a new three-year deal with HGTV in 2022, Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott are the de facto faces of a network that’s already flush with recognizable talent. Scott Brothers Entertainment produces vehicles for others (see The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project, featuring home design guru Nate Berkus, drag renovation Discovery+ hit Trixie Motel and Melissa McCarthy’s The Great Giveback) and also, naturally, themselves. The most popular among their slew of series is Celebrity IOU, a show that has welcomed Brad Pitt, Lisa Kudrow, Kevin Hart and Viola Davis to the HGTV fold — and stands to welcome even more now that it’s under the Warner Bros. umbrella.

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