‘Trading Up’ HGTV series to be filmed in Yarmouth to place spotlight on the trades says Mandy Rennehan

From Saltwire:

“Put a hammer in Mandy Rennehan’s hands and she can accomplish pretty much anything.

But it’s her continued praise, push and passion for the trades that are really building things.

An entrepreneur extraordinaire, she’s travelled throughout North America for years promoting the trades industry. Now the Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia native is gaining a new audience – and it’ll be on your TV.

Trading Up is new series that will start production in her hometown of Yarmouth this year and will air on HGTV in 2022.

A venture with Corus Studios and Scott Brothers Entertainment (think the Property Brothers), Rennehan hopes to see the series “revolutionize the trade industry.”

Trading Up will follow Rennehan – a builder, motivational speaker, a blue-collar hero and a member of the trades since her teens – as she renovates three properties in her hometown of Yarmouth, N.S.

Which properties? We’ll have to wait to see.

“Her latest residential real estate resale projects are not only investments, but they’re also an opportunity for Mandy to bring some very deserving apprentices along for the ride, mentoring and shaping them for their own successful careers in the trades,” a description of the series states.

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